RPO Driveway Dock Launch Ramp

List of Tools:*

Tool: Use:
Circular Saw Straight Cuts on Plywood, Riding Surface, and 2" x 4" Studs.
Screw Bits Driving screws into wood; make sure your bit matches your screw type.
Power Drill Driving Screws and Drilling Holes; sometimes it's handy to have two.
Carpenter's Pencil Drawing lines.
Tape Measure Measure twice, cut once!
3/16" Drill Bit To pre-drill pilot holes through steel.
#10 Countersinking Bit Necessary to pre-drill countersinks through steel. (1/8" to 3/8")
Clamp Used to help pre-drill holes through angle iron.
Hammer You'll use if for something!
Eye Protection $3 Safety Glasses are worth your vision! Especially when using your saws.
Work Gloves Protect those computer hands; though a real carpenter might go bare.
Mitre Saw OPTIONAL. Great for straight cuts on studs and using a length jig.

* Invest in all these tools, they will be used again and again!


List of Materials:

Material: Unit Cost: Quantity: Cost:
2" x 4" x 96" Wood Stud $2.79 x 11 $30.69
8' x 4' x 3/4" CDX Plywood $17.80 x 1 $17.80
8' x 4' x 1/8" Masonite* $6.75 x 1 $6.75
3" Wood Screws $8.28/lb. x 1lb.+ $8.28+
1-1/4" Wood Screws $8.28/lb. x 1lbs.+ $8.28+
2"x2"x4' 1/8" thick Angle Iron $20.00 x 1 $20.00
10" x 48" x 14GA. Steel Plate $20.00 x 1 $20.00
Total Cost w/o Wheels: $111.80
Material for Adding Wheels (optional):
90lb. Caster Wheel $4.00 x 3 $12.00
Galvanized 1-1/2" Pan Head Screw $0.45 x 12 $5.40
Total Cost w/ Wheels: $129.20

* Masonite or Hardboard (or any other suitable riding surface: plywood, etc.).


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