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Ramp Plans Online has a simple mission: to set a reliable standard for basic ramp building techniques and information. RPO fills in the missing pieces of information that other ramp design websites are lacking. RPO came to life as a response to all the unanswered questions we were once looking for all over the internet about ramp design and construction. The Ramp Plans section features RPO's very own unique ramp designs which cannot be found anywhere else! The list of designs will continue to grow as the company picks up more momentum. Also, RPO shares a good foundation of knowledge that is vital and useful for designing and building your own creations!

RPO is a spare time project. I build what I can, when I can! I would commit my time completely to RPO if only it paid the bills, but it doesn't! So please be patient in waiting for new content and do what you can to help spread the word about this site! Thanks!

I have a BA Architecture and a Masters of Architecture from the University of New Mexico. I began skateboarding over 15 years ago and I designed and built four mini-ramps before graduating high school. Since then I've gone on through college and worked with professional architects and designers using AutoCAD and 3d visualization software. I'm using all the skills I've learned along the way to better the online ramp building community.
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